Release Take Control Standalone – Windows Console 7.00.37, Windows Agent 7.00.37 and Linux Agent 0.00.37

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control Standalone for Windows Console and Windows Agent 7.00.37, including pinpointed bug fixes and the possibility to change user context on System Shell. And a new version of Linux Agent.

Take Control Standalone Windows Console 7.00.37

FIX: It was not able to change the device’s name. This has been resolved.

FIX: On my computer’s list, when searching for a device, the auto-refresh and manual refresh were not working properly. It has been fixed.

FIX: It was possible to use a negative time when generating a calling card. This was fixed.

FIX: When creating a Desktop shortcut for a device, when clicking on it, it should start a new connection. Instead, the behaviour was opening the Console. It has been resolved.

Take Control Standalone Windows Agent 7.00.37

FIX: After starting a remote session, in some cases, the end-user could not see the chat box when a conversation was started. This has been handled.

UPDATE: The System Shell tab on the Console is now started with an Interactive Command Prompt, and also gives you the possibility to start an Interactive PowerShell. This update supports full interactivity when writing command lines, and also the possibility to change user context.

It is important to highlight that this update will work when using Windows Console and Windows Agent 7.00.37 or above.

Take Control Standalone Linux Agent 0.00.37

UPDATE: Improvement and fixes on Agent installation process

UPDATE: A single installer for all Ubuntu versions is now available

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