N-able Mail Assure Private Portal – Out of Preview 

We’re excited to announce that the most requested Mail Assure feature of the year, Private Portal, is now out of preview. Why is Private Portal so important to our partners? Because it allows them to extend protection of outgoing email beyond the devices that they manage to the recipients of the messages (who can be a security risk when business-critical data is being exchanged).

During the preview period, our team has been working hard on fixing issues, enhancing performance, and improving the user experience.

Some of these updates are:

Additional protection

  • Private Portal policies based on detection of potentially sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or personal identifiers
  • The audit log now includes the IP address of the user accessing Private Portal messages

UX & UI Improvements

  • Performance enhancements: the inbox loads at least twice as fast, and messages load on average 10 times faster
  • One-click Private Portal configuration via the Add Domain and Microsoft 365 sync wizards 
  • Increased customisation possibilities in the notification template 
  • Private Portal now shows inline (attached) images​ 
  • quick action to find a message’s audit logs​ was added 
  • Ability to navigate to Private Portal from the Mail Assure Outlook add-in 
  • Improved UI for small and medium sized screens, like phones and tablets

Wider Localisation

  • The Private Portal app is now available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese as well as English
  • Language is selected based on the browser language and can be switched via the profile menu​
  • Timestamps in the Private Portal app are shown in the user’s time zone

More Guidance

  • Private Portal now features a new help page and includes more information within the default notification email​
  • Users can suggest improvements or ask to have their account deleted from within the Private Portal app

All the improvements were implemented with you, our Partner, in mind, so check Private Portal out: it’s free and doesn’t require any additional downloads or installations.

If you’re not yet using Mail Assure to protect your outgoing mail, this is a great time to start! Check out our documentation to get started.

Mail Assure Private Portal
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