Advance Notice: N-central Microsoft Intune Update – May 19th

Please be advised we will be releasing an update for N-central Microsoft Intune users Thursday, May 19th. No end user interaction is required. This is a cloud service change only and will not impact N-central or the agents. This update contains the following changes detailed below.

Maintenance Window: Thursday, May 19th 9:30 am EST (UTC 13:30) – 10:30 am EST (UTC 14:30)


  • A change has been provided allowing N-central Hosted users the ability to logout from Microsoft Intune. Users will direct to the Intune Setup page and select the new ‘Deauthenticate’ button. This button is presented in the Setup page of a logged in SO (for CSPs) and SO and Customer (for SIs). This option will only show after the authentication process has completed.
  • In the Event Authentication stalls for more than an hour a new ‘Cancel Authentication’ button will appear on the Intune Setup page.
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