Cove Data Protection Release 22.5

Welcome to the first release under our new name and brand: Cove Data ProtectionTM. As you have no doubt seen in the product and other places, we have changed the name and repositioned the product formerly called N-able Backup, but operationally, nothing has changed for you, our partners. You can learn more about the rebranding and what it means here.

In the first quarter of 2022, our team has delivered numerous enhancements and bug fixes to improve the performance and usability of existing features, and to lay the groundwork for future enhancements. We did not publish release notes, as these updates were primarily behind the scenes. With this release, however, we have some exciting new customer-facing enhancements.

New default profiles

To make it even faster and easier to start using Cove, with this release, first-time customers at the reseller level will have the option to choose from two default profiles:

  • “24 hour RPO” for daily backup frequency
  • “1 hour RPO” for hourly backup frequency

These default profiles can be customized or deleted by the reseller, and are available for selection in the following places: ‘Add server or workstation,’ ‘Profiles’ page, ‘Assign profile to device’ dialog, ‘Move device’ dialog, and the modification tab of the device properties.

The “24 hour RPO” profile is the default selection in the onboarding Add Device wizard.

New customer site-level entity

This release introduces a new option in Cove to make multi-site data protection management easier. Rather than creating a new customer entity for each site, with separate logins to manage multiple sites belonging to the same end customer, it’s now possible to create a specific sub-customer level called “site.”

This capability was already available in the N-central integrated backup product, and is now also available in Cove.

Changes to the Add Device wizard

To further ease onboarding and minimize any confusion, with this release, automated installation is the default option, with the alternative manual installation option hidden behind a toggle. We have also added more information about the silent install process and clearer instructions on installation of the Backup Manager agent.

Support for apostrophes in email addresses

Previously, email addresses containing apostrophes would cause errors, and with this release, that issue has been resolved.

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