N-able RMM: Service release with new Windows RC Agent, Patch Management Enhancements

We’re pleased to let you know that we have released a new Windows RC Agent, v10.12.2, with improvements to some of the underlying feature install processes, designed to further enhance performance and reliability.

We’d also like to remind you of the exciting recent upgrade to RMM’s Patch Management solution, with the release of Patch Management Engine (PME) v2.6. This introduces automated support for the ‘out-of-band’ Microsoft updates, along with some other upgrades. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the latest release post

RMM Console v2022.04.21 
BUGFIX: Resolved issue causing Bitdefender Managed Antivirus check to show ‘?’ Instead of version number 
BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting Asset Tracking Only template to ensure 24×7 check cycle is updated to 60 minutes

Windows RC Agent v10.12.2 
UPDATE: Improvements to feature registrations on installs for ScriptRunner, fmplugin, Take Control, Remote Background Management services 
UPDATE: Various agent hardening and stability improvements 

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