Release Take Control Admin Area 2.5.25022022 and Windows Agent 7.00.32

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control admin area and Windows Agent 7.00.32, which includes new email templates, monthly emails to clients with old agents, a new filter for devices, and request user permission on the login screen.


Admin Area 2.5.25022022

  • FEATURE: The master account will receive an email about all the agents that were not updated for more than 6 months.
  • FEATURE: On Devices, there is a new filter that can be used to see devices with old versions
  • UPDATE: E-mails generated by Take Control have now a new Layout
E-mail in new layout, about old agents

Windows Agent 7.00.32

  • FEATURE: now it is possible, when a Take Control session occurs, to request user permission when the device is at the login screen.

Both versions include bug fixes

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