N-central 2022.1 GA and NCOD Upgrade Schedule

UPDATE: The NCOD upgrades will take please on Feb. 11th and 12th. Details regarding the upgrade can be found here:



I’m very pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) build of N-central 2022.1! For a complete list of changes in this release, read on! To access the documentation or grab the installers, please head over to the 2022.1 download page.

Automation Manager 2.19 – making Automation Better!

N-central 2022.1 includes v2.19 of Automation Manager, and there are a lot of really great changes in this release!

  • Several new objects, for interacting with files in Microsoft Azure environments, have been added. All of the objects can be found under the new MS Azure category:
    • Install Azure PowerShell Module
    • Create Blob Storage Container
    • Upload File To Blob Storage
    • Download File From Blob Storage
  • A new Get File Name and Path Info object has been added, and can be found under the File Management category
  • The Input Prompt object now allows the Body field to be linked to the output of other objects.
  • The If/Else object can now check for NULL values.
  • Error handling within the Run PowerShell object has been improved to mirror how PowerShell error handling works on Windows.
  • When uploading a new version of an existing AMP to N-central, you’re now able to choose whether the existing AMP should be overwritten, or if a new AMP should be created.
  • v2.19 of Automation Manager also addresses several bugs; please see the Fixed Bugs section of the Release Notes for details.

Component Updates

N-central is built on several 3rd-party components, and as part of our ongoing maintenance of the product, we’ve updated a number of those components to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and security updates:

Component Version
Linux Kernel3.10.0-1160.45.1
NATS Streaming Server0.17.0-1

Updates to Supported Upgrade Paths

It’s important to note that in order to upgrade to the 2022.1 release, you must be running v2021.1 or newer. Upgrading from 12.3.x or 2020.1.x directly to the 2022.1 release is not supported.

Downloading/Installing N-central 2022.1

You can download the installers for N-central 2022.1 and the Release Notes from the following page:


NCOD Upgrade Schedule

The upgrade schedule for the NCOD (hosted instances of N-central) environment will take place on Feb. 11th and 12th

Details around the upgrade timing for individual NCOD servers can be found on the Hosted N-central Upgrade Schedule page, available here:


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