Advanced Notice: N-central Microsoft Intune Update

Please be advised we will be releasing an update for N-central Microsoft Intune users the week of July 5th. No end user interaction is required. This is a cloud service change only and will not impact N-central or the agents. This update contains the following fixes detailed below.


  • Improved communication handling between N-central Agent and Microsoft Intune.
  • Improved Certificate handling with Microsoft Intune.
  • We’ve updated the Intune module to support N-central servers that have multiple FQDN’s configured for agents and probes.
  • We’ve updated the Intune setup screen to more helpfully indicate when the authentication to Microsoft is in-process.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected an issue impacting the ability to edit the name of a profile.
  • An issue preventing the ability to map customers and resulting in an “Unknown Error” has now been corrected.   
  • As issue allowing Profiles to be created when the ‘Save’ button has not been selected has now been resolved.
  • An issue impacting the CSV exported for the Compliance Report displaying incorrect column names has now been corrected.
  • An issue preventing the Microsoft Intune Setup page from loading has now been corrected.
  • An issue preventing the Edit Name and Description values from the Compliance Profile page to sent to Microsoft Intune has been corrected.
  • TLS 1.2 issues prevent the IntuneAgentInstaller.exe from successfully deploying the N-central Windows Agent have now been resolved
  • An issue preventing the Intune Setup Screen from loading completely in larger Intune environments has now been resolved.
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