N-Able Passportal: Mandatory MFA and clarifications for what this means Pro vs. Site

In keeping with industry best practices to help protect you and your data, users of N-able Passportal are now required to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to continue using the product, as of the May 10th, 2021 release.

The MFA feature in Passportal supports a number of free authenticator applications, including:

  • TOTP Authenticator (Android®/iOS®) – think Google, Microsoft, Authy
  • Duo (Android/iOS)* – Under a MSP controlled account, not Passportal (see below)

The following MFA methods will no longer be accepted:

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Text message
  • AuthAnvil
  • Duo controlled by Passportal (MSP account set up under a Passportal Duo license)**

What this means Pro vs. Site

Pro – The MSP Users – MFA is fully enforced for all logins into the portal and MFA types limited to what is described above

Site – Partners of the MSP utilizing Site – MFA is not enforced for all logins and will remain at the discretion of the Site admin. MFA types limited to what is described above with one condition.

Condition: Any Site users previously utilizing Email, Text Message, or Phone call will continue to use be able to utilize those methods. Any update to their MFA settings though will require the Site to switch over to TOTP authenication.

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