N-able RMM: New Mac Agent with Additional Monitoring Checks

We are pleased to let you know that we’ll shortly be releasing a new RC Agent for Mac workstations, with enhancements to the out-of-the-box monitoring as well as some improvements to Apple ‘Big Sur’ support.

Here are the details of the latest Mac improvements:

  • Performance Monitoring Checks: Now you can monitor and report on processor, memory and network utilisation for Macs, just like you can work Windows devices
  • Web Page Check: Use Macs to monitor for a specified website’s availability
  • TCP Service Check: Use Macs to monitor the specified port on an IP address or hostname on the LAN, WAN or internet

There is also an improvement to the File System Space and File System Change checks so you can select volumes on external media, along with an update to ensure customer branding is supported in user notifications for macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’.

In addition, we’ll be putting out an update to the new Monitored Devices view, with the introduction of a new ‘Add device’ button:

This creates a ‘remote worker’ type of site installation package, in a simple 2-step wizard, designed to make it easier for you to install the agent and onboard devices.

Summary for Service Release
– Mac monitoring enhancements
– RMM Console v2021.05.04
– Mac RC Agent v3.7.0

RMM Console v2021.05.04
FEATURE: New ‘Add device’ button on Monitored Devices view
UPDATE: Ensure integrated EDR does not show in Device Inventory Report of Feature Policy Report if a user’s permission for this feature is disabled in Roles & Permissions

Mac RC Agent v3.7.0
FEATURE: Performance Monitoring Checks, Web Page Check, TCP Service Check for Mac workstations
UPDATE: Improvement to File System Space Check and File System Change Check to select external volumes
UPDATE: Support for custom branding of end-user notifications with macOS v11
BUGFIX: Update to enrollment Automated Task to correct failure with macOS v11

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