SolarWinds Take Control: Digital Certificate Update

Following our previous communication regarding digital certificates of MSP products, we’re posting an update to all existing Take Control Windows components: Agents, Viewers, Consoles & Applets, from version 7.00.20 to 7.00.21. These updates are being made immediately available to standalone Take Control and Take Control Plus, as well as Take Control integrated with RMM or N-central.

In all cases, the components will automatically update without any end-user interaction. No other functionality is impacted by this change. This update applies to Windows only.

In order to identify which version is in use, you can use the following methods to check:

  • For the Viewer, the version number is displayed on the title bar of a Take Control session. It is also possible to check “Details” of the Viewer executable file itself –
    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Take Control Viewer\TakeControlRDViewer.exe
  • For the Agent, check the BASupSrcv.ini file:
    C:\Programdata\getsupportservice_*\BASupSrvc.ini, where you will see the version number:
  • Standalone users may also check the Devices pane in the Console or Admin area:

Summary for Service Release (Stand Alone)
– Take Control Windows Agent (7.00.21)
– Take Control Windows Viewer (7.00.21)
– Take Control Windows Proxy (7.00.21)
– Take Control Windows Applet (7.00.21)
– Take Control Windows End User Viewer (7.00.21)

Summary for Service Release (Integrated)
– Take Control Windows Agent (7.00.21)
– Take Control Windows Viewer (7.00.21)

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