SolarWinds Backup (Standalone) Digital Certificate Update

Following our previous communication regarding the digital certificates of SolarWinds MSP products, we are posting an update to the Windows and Linux agents in the standalone edition of SolarWinds Backup, with the release of The new agents contain an update to the digital certificate, as well as minor improvements and fixes.

Existing backup agents will be automatically updated to with a new digital certificate.

However, based on your specific settings/policies/circumstances, the agent may not be automatically updated in time (for example, if the device is offline). In these cases, you may need to update to the new version manually to keep your backups running as expected.

To confirm whether you need to do a manual update, simply select the Assets Tracking view from the Backup dashboard and identify any devices where the client version is less than

Once you have identified any devices needing the update, download the latest version of the Backup Manager from the Downloads page on, and run the Backup Manager installer. The installer will automatically update the device to the latest version, while maintaining your settings.

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