MSP Manager Update – Send emails from your mailbox, Clear all unread responses

We are happy to release a great new capability today!  You can now use your very own monitored mailbox to send out notifications and replies!  It’s now easier to manage which mailbox is used to reply to customers as well, we now display this information in the mailbox config dialog.  You may continue to use MSP Manager as your email sending service, for some or all of your customers.

**If you’re already using M365, you will need to go to the Integration screen and Grant Permissions, as we need an additional permission to Send Mail.

Rounding out the recent releases where we’ve made Unread Responses more efficient, we also wanted to make them easier to use within a ticket.  Clearing individual responses is now a single click on the date/time of the responses, rather than the previous clicks in the ellipsis and selecting the Mark as unread option.  Clicking the date/time again tags it as unread again, in case you feel like setting a reminder or having someone else review the message.

Have multiple responses?  Just click the “Mark all responses as read”.  That’s a lot of clicks and time saved!

Did you notice?  We’ve updated the layout of our Helpdesk Template in Workspaces.  We get quite a bit of feedback around customers responding to existing Closed cases, and those responses getting missed.  While we plan on creating an auto-reopen feature on the horizon, we’ve moved the filters to more consistently match the original Helpdesk and added a filter for Unread Responses on Closed tickets, named “Closed Unread”.  It’s going to turn bright red when a customer adds a response to a closed ticket, so you can’t miss it!

Think we could do better with our Out Of The Box Templates?  Want to share some of your custom Workspaces (edited out of course) with your fellow MSP’s?  Send me your ideas, and I’ll gladly give you a shout-out!  As they say, sharing is caring.

I’m looking for a few more beta testers of our updated Xero Integration Mappings.  Please reach out if you can help.  You’ll only need to answer a 3 question survey from Xero after using it for a week or so.

We’ve fixed a few important bugs too!  The following issues were solved in this release:

  • Solved some issues with the ticket importer in our Service Desk migration tool. 
  • In the new knowledge password reveal pop-up, focus is not placed on the password field and pressing Enter does not submit the password
  • In some timezones, billing amounts do not match if run before a certain local time

Have a great weekend!

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