SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Mac Agent 3.4.3 GA, Windows RC Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that we recently upgraded Mac Agent v3.4.3 to be the new Generally Available (GA) agent, so please update your Mac workstations to use the latest version. And of course, you can now try out the all new Remote Background Management option for Macs with the v3.5.0 RC Agent! See the previous post for details.

In addition, we’re releasing a new Windows RC agent with an update to the Automation Manager agent, a fix for Acronis Backup in the Backup Check, and a security update for the TeamViewer Take Control agent. Windows Agent v10.9.16 is currently rolling out to customers and is expected to be live in all territories at the start of next week.

Of course, we are also very excited about the recent announcement of Integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). We’re already live in the Asia Pacific region and are looking forward to making this brand new security offering available to customers worldwide in the coming days.

Last but not least, here’s a quick recap of the updates we released back in August – with a special nod to our Automation Cookbook, containing over 250 ready-made automation scripts, available at no additional charge from the Success Center.

Summary for Release
– Service release with new Windows RC Agent
– RMM Console v2020.09.16
– Windows RC 10.9.16

RMM Console v2020.09.16
UPDATE: Display more Patch Management scan error information in the Patch Status Check
UPDATE: Improve processing for Patch Management policy updates for large device counts
BUGFIX: Resolve issue so mobile devices can be removed from management

Windows Agent 10.9.16 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.17.1 used by Automation Manager
UPDATE: Take Control agent update for TeamViewer v12 (* see note below for details)
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting Acronis Backup in the Backup Check

Mac Agent GA v3.4.3​
Includes all the updates since the preview Mac GA Agent (v3.4.2)

Mac Agent GA v3.4.3
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Failed Login Check fails with no failed logins​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Agent UI keeps reopening​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when File System Space Check showing incorrect Free Space in Catalina​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when File System Checks shows fail after upgrade to Catalina

* TeamViewer released a security patch that was applied retroactively to existing agent versions. This update upgrades the TeamViewer agent from 12.0.224043 to v12.0.258869. See and for details.

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