MSP Manager Update – Monitoring M365 mailbox monitoring, Hour Retainer

We are excited to release our M365 mailbox monitoring via the Graph API.  This supports monitoring for M365 mailboxes with multi-factor authentication enabled and is event driven for real-time ticket generation.

We will begin deployment of this feature today, and complete rollout by August 14, 2020.

Setup is easy!  First configure your M365 integration, then add the appropriate mailbox(es) to be monitored.  This feature is gated by permissions, so if you don’t see the integration, please review your roles and permissions.

For additional details about the feature and configuration, please review our support documentation on the subject:

Based on high demand, the hour retainer service item has been updated to specify the number of hours as the retainer, rather than the retainer $ amount.

The following issues were solved with this release:

  • Workflow not adding contact info to ticket
  • Workflow issue type/sub-type are mixed up
  • Asset class name is not propagated from service plan
  • Queue list may not load
  • Notes are required when saving a password in Knowledge
  • Customer email domain field validation not displaying when there is an error
  • Base64 encoded email attachments displaying incorrectly
  • Completed dates not displayed for tickets completed by workflow rules
  • Workflow created tickets not sending user notifications
  • SLA policies not getting created
  • Ticket list does not display any tickets when filtering custom statuses

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