SolarWinds Take Control: August Service Release

We’re delighted to announce that our new Command Prompt release is rolling out to for Take Control standalone partners in all territories. 

In follow up to this release, we’re also very pleased to begin the roll-out of a series of partner-facing enhancements for the Admin Area, End user Mac Viewer, and Linux Agent. The Linux agent release updates the following OS distribution support: 

CentOS 7, 8 

Fedora 31, 32 

Debian 9, 10 

Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 LTS variants 

Summary for Service Release 
– Admin Area update V2.05082020 
– End-user Mac Viewer update v6.00.17 
– Linux Agent update 0.00.20 

Admin Area: V2.05082020 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Image display in Sessions tab 
ENHANCEMENT: Improved standardization of date pickers 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Mobile browser support 
BUGFIX: Allow Inactive Account holders to login and convert trial 

Mac Viewer update: 6.00.17 
BUGFIX: Resolve Issue with sending “Ctrl/Alt/Del” to the remote host 

Linux Agent 0.00.20 
FEATURE: Add Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with high CPU usage 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Agent crashing 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with resulted in agent incorrectly displaying offline status 

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