SolarWinds RMM: Managed Antivirus Policy Permissions for Co-Managed IT, Linux Agent 2.0 GA

First up, here’s a quick recap of all the recent feature enhancements in RMM, including the brand new ‘Active Issues’ workflow that is now available in all the territories. We’re also mid-way through releasing the new ‘Unmonitored Devices’ view, so stay tuned!


Linux Agent 2.0 GA

We’re very pleased to let you know that the new Linux Agent v2.0 is now GA. This means you can upgrade all your existing Linux servers, and install the agent on all the latest major Linux distributions. For the first time, you’re able to run Automated Tasks on Linux, and it now also supports Monitoring Templates, to help you deploy standard monitoring configurations in Linux devices across your estate.

Managed Antivirus Policy Permissions for Co-Managed IT

This week we’re pleased to let you know we’re introducing a new feature that helps you share day to day administrative duties with in-house IT staff, for example in a co-managed IT setup with your customers. Starting with Managed Antivirus policies, you now have a way to specify which policies a particular user can see, and which are hidden from them.

The enhanced feature policy permissions allow you to work in close partnership with customers who have internal IT staff, so they can manage more of their day-to-day settings themselves, while you as the MSP are freed up to take care of the important areas.

In this week’s update we’re adding granular feature policy permissions for Managed Antivirus. In the coming weeks we’ll be following this up with Patch Management, Take Control and Web Protection policies.

Here’s how it works…

  • First, make sure you have Managed Antivirus feature policies set up that will only be deployed to devices belonging to the customer in question.
  • Now, go to the Client Groups dialog under Settings > Users, where you’ll see a new option, ‘Manage policy access’, and a new ‘Policies’ column indicating you the feature is active.

feature policy permissions 10

  • Click ‘Manage policy access’ to select the policies you want to give access to. All other policies will become hidden from view for the user(s) with that Client Group.

feature policy permissions 11

  • After saving the selection, users with that Client Group will only see the selected Managed Antivirus policies the next time they log into RMM…

feature policy permissions 13

  • Users with the feature policy permissions turned on can perform any actions they’re permitted to per the existing User Permissions. You’re now able to turn the ‘Settings & Policies’ permission on for ‘Client’ users for the first time, as shown in this screenshot:

feature policy permissions 12

Users with Feature Policy Permissions turned on are able manage the full range of settings – they can view, edit, add and remove feature policies for Managed Antivirus. If they add a new policy, it will automatically be added to their Client Group. Any other users with that same Client Group will also see the new feature policy.

We very much hope this enhancement to RMM’s user permissions will help you share IT tasks with your customers effectively and securely.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Active Issues workflow, Unmonitored Devices view, Feature policy permissions for MAV, Linux Agent GA
– RMM Console v2020.06.15
– Linux Agent v2.0.1 GA

RMM Console v2020.06.15
FEATURE: New Active Issues workflow for viewing and managing failed checks
FEATURE: New Unmonitored Devices view for seeing newly connected devices
FEATURE: Provide selective access to Managed Antivirus policies with new feature policy permissions
BUGFIX: Resolve permissions conflict affecting ability to delete Automated Tasks

Linux Agent v2.0.1 GA
Includes all the updates since the previous GA version (v1.0.4):

Linux Agent v2.0.1
FEATURE: Support for Server Monitoring Templates
UPDATE: Agent can now be upgraded from Agent 1.0.4
UPDATE: OpenSSL updated to the version 1.1.1

Linux Agent v2.0
FEATURE: Support for latest major Linux distributions

FEATURE: Automated Tasks for Linux
FEATURE: ‘Remote Worker’ site installation support
FEATURE: Ability to use the ‘get_site_installation_package’ API call with the Linux agent
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with agent installation if user registering device has 2FA enabled

BUGFIX: Resolved issue causing the agent to show as overdue for long periods
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with Linux agent checking into the RMM console
BUGFIX: Improvement to Failed Login Check on Linux to address error parsing log files
BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting the MySQL Check reporting “MySQL not installed”
BUGFIX: Resolved a compatibility issue with telephone software 3cxpbx

Known issues and notes:

  • Physical Memory Health Check may not work properly.
  • Agent 2.0.0 can’t be updated to 2.0.1 using Dashboard.



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