SolarWinds Take Control: Security First Follow Up

In our last post, we let you know that we are making multifactor authentication (MFA) mandatory to log into the Take Control Tech Console, or Administration Area. We have seen a sharp increase in the number of password attacks on our customers, so it’s now critical that we work together to tighten security for you and the clients you support.

As a follow up to our last post, here are a few more details about how to enable MFA.

All the details

SolarWinds Take Control will make MFA a mandatory login step as of Monday, 15th June 2020. What this means is that a username / password combination alone will no longer be sufficient to log in and use the product.

You’ll notice a new prompt at every login point encouraging everyone to enable MFA.


The first step is to download a suitable authenticator app:


By selecting “Next”, users  finalize the setup process by scanning the QR code, or entering the secure code provided in the authentication app.


You will see a recovery code that you should copy and safely store should you need to recover the app.

Once MFA is enabled, all login attempts for your account will only be successful with the input of your Username, Password and Authenticator code. MFA adds a powerful layer of security that will help keep your account, and your clients, safe from password attacks.


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