MSP Manager Update – Updated Navigation Menu, Ticket Filter Update, Workflow All Operator

Today’s release starts with an update to our Navigation Menu, which should remove some weird behaviors that would happen when going 3 levels down.

Going to a sub menu should be faster now, as we no longer will default to the first sub menu when expanding, saving you precious time.  The menus no longer auto-collapse, allowing you to dive right to the sub section saving you precious clicks!

Looking for those tickets that were lost in the cracks when nobody was assigned or a queue wasn’t set?  You can now filter your ticket list where the Assignee or Queue is “@none”, quickly showing you all such tickets.  We’ve also built this into our default dashboards for you.

Want to make sure all tickets have a Ticket Type assigned, or a Contact has been set?  You’ve guessed it, we’ve also included an “@none” option for these to help in your ticket management tasks.

In order to continue saving you time, we wanted to ensure there was an easy way to add workflows to all incoming requests.  Your workflow rules conditions can now start with “all” in order to easily perform actions against all incoming ticket requests.

The following issues have also been solved in this release:

  • Workspaces widget not using all available space
  • Notes are wrapping instead of using available width
  • Unable to export 10,000+ tickets to CSV from Helpdesk
  • Unable to remove customers from “All Customers” Customer Access Group
  • Ticket statuses are ordered incorrectly in drop down list
  • Ticket creation date/time doesn’t match email date/time
  • Ticket counts are inaccurate in helpdesk view
  • Unable to see tickets older than 6 months on billing batch spanning years
  • Knowledge checkboxes appear as selected when they are not

Wish you could Search your Legacy Passwords?  We’re looking for a few candidates to test our password migration feature.  Drop me a line!

Are you interested in a Passportal integration (even if you don’t have that product yet…).  I’d like to chat about it.

You can reach me here:

The MSP Manager Team wishes you a great week!

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