MSP Manager Update – Workspaces Enhancements, Ticket Archiving

This week’s MSP Manager update adds new features to your Workspaces Ticket Filters.

  • A “Created Date” option was added to Ticket Filters, Charts and List, giving more control on which tickets you display.
  • “Today” is now a date filtering option; easily find tickets created, due or completed “today”.
  • The Asset List can now be linked to the ticket list widget; see all tickets that apply to a specific asset.
  • Ticket Filters can also be filtered by asset, including the “On-The-Fly” mode. If you choose a customer in the filter, we’ll only show you assets related to that customer to save you from scrolling your long asset list.

This week we will be releasing the Archive feature.  Archive allows you to move completed tickets which you do not want to bill to the archive view, decluttering your view and making your ticket lists load faster as they will have fewer tickets to load.

Archiving can be done on a per-ticket basis or in bulk from the Workspaces Ticket List.

bulk archive

Archived tickets can be viewed with the Archived Tickets widget.  Tickets cannot be open from this view, but they can be restored (in bulk) as necessary so they can be viewed and edited again from your Ticket List.

archive ticket list

The following issues were also resolved in this release:

  • Portal language selection is reset to English after session ends
  • Portal settings updates will not save
  • Cannot delete Service Plans from Program Level
  • Created Date label appears as Due Date
  • Unable to delete a specific contact
  • Email responses not received
  • Ticket sorting option not retained
  • Workspaces widget context still applied when widget is deleted
  • User list and other combo lists used on small widgets are cutoff

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