MSP Manager – New Feature Release of Workspaces

Here on the MSP Manager team, we’re constantly looking for ways to make your teams more efficient – bringing you new updates to do just that!

When it comes to allocating work, measuring performance and managing resources, real-time visibility into your workflow is key.

We’ve been listening, we’ve been hard at work, and we are pleased to bring you Workspaces in MSP Manager!

So what does this mean for you?

  • REALTIME ticket updates
  • Configurable filters that can be saved – no more clicking and filtering! Create a workspace for every persona in your business.
  • See how many customer responses you have in real time
  • Project graphs onto an overhead so everyone can track their efficiency

And more!


A WYSIWYG dashboard that can be tweaked to meet your very custom needs, running on a brand new Realtime architecture! All your business information, always up to date!

To help you get started – we’ve created some default workspaces to give you a few different views of your workflows.


Need more? No problem! You can export and modify these in your personal spaces as many times as you want. You can create your own brand new workspaces and pages to fill your diverse needs, in any combination/layout you want with our resizable, movable widgets.

Need to see how many customers have responded to your ticket? We’ve put in a default filter for that.



Want to follow tickets with specific statuses? Boom. You can do that too.



Wish you could easily see tickets from a specific customer? Our widgets are linkable, affecting context of the other widgets they are linked to!



Ok – what does that look like in the real world? Here’s an example!

The Ticket List is linked to the Filter widget named “Open.” It will inherit context based on this. Click there, and your list will reflect All your open  Tickets (based on the filter configuration of that widget).



In this example, The Open filter is also linked the Customer’s list. So, if you highlight a customer, your list will reflect Open tickets for that customer only.



In addition to having more visibility into your workload, this release also introduces a new way to view your Service Items – past and present – to help you move into the future.  Introducing the Audit Log for your Service Items.  Moving forward, we will be tracking changes to your service items, which can be seen in the Service Item Details’ History via Workspaces.



We’re also excited to mention that our Workspace ticket lists and its architecture boasts a ridiculous performance improvement over our existing Helpdesk. Seriously, try it out!

Please note that we will be deploying this over the week, beginning today and expecting completion by November 15, 2019.

What should you do when you get your Workspace?

  • Review our documentation:
  • Check out our default workspaces. You can use them as-is or you can export them as personal and tweak them
  • Create new workspaces for your specific needs
  • Ask your co-worker to create a ticket while you’re watching the ticket list – then high-five in amazement as it appears almost instantly in your list! (don’t forget the high five – that’s important!)
  • Give us your feedback,

We wish you a great week, and happy dashboarding,

The MSP Manager Team

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