SolarWinds Backup 19.10 now available

A new release is now available that includes support for a new MacOS version, as well as several improvements and fixes for customer-reported issues. The auto-update for this version is scheduled to be pushed out in early November.

New Features:

This version of the SolarWinds Backup client adds support for MacOS 10.15, code named Catalina. This is the first version of MacOS to exclusively support 64-bit applications. All customers using MacOS 10.15 should download this version of SolarWinds Backup. At the same time, we are ending support for MacOS older than 10.10. We’ve also officially added support for Windows Server 2019.


Backup 19.10 also adds client-side support for new statistics notations as announced in the 19.9 update to the Cloud agent. This includes new notations to support added statistics fields from Office 365 and support for future feature additions.

Fixed customer-reported issues:

This release addresses customer-reported issues including:

  • Resolved an issue where MySQL 8.0.17 backup failed on Linux when using Percona 8.0.4.
  • Fixed a problem with virtual disaster recovery to Hyper-V, where continuous restore was failing when using Recovery Console versions to
  • Fixed an issue where the GUI was not able to show long file names in the restore tree.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where the backup manager incorrectly reported “there is no data available for the backup,” due to an incorrect registry key.
  • Resolved an issue where in some cases, the recovery console would not continue with other restores when a data source returned no selections.
  • Fixed a problem where the backup manager incorrectly selected sub-attributes of offline folders.
  • Addressed an issue where files removed during a running backup generated the error: “UNIQUE constraint failed: Node.NodeId, Node.SessionId. Error code: 19:2067 (constraint failed).”
  • Clarified an error message in Backup Documents when no supported file types were found.

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