SolarWinds RMM: Service Release

We’re pleased to line up the latest SolarWinds RMM Service Release. In addition to important customer service update items, this release also introduces Windows Agent 10.9.6 RC.

All the Details…

This week’s release is driven by customer service improvement items in both Patch Management and the RMM agent.

Patch Management: New 3rd Party Patch application – PuTTY (32 and 64 bit versions)

Looking for more applications in our catalog? Log on to and log an Idea for us!

Summary of Service Release:
Agent 10.9.6 Release Candidate
– Service release with Windows Agent 10.9.6
– RMM Console v2019.10.08
– Mac GA Agent 3.3.0

Patch October Release Notes:
FEATURE: Improved loading time of the patch management engine.
FEATURE: Patch management engine no longer removes WSUS configurations from your device. While we do not officially recommend or support the use of WSUS, we understand that some of you have special requirements from your customers and would like to preserve WSUS while leveraging SolarWinds patching.
FEATURE: Before installing a 3PP update, we now check to make sure the application hasn’t already been installed to avoid false errors.
BUGFIX: Fixed a logic issue for setting the Reboot Required flag, which allows you to trigger reboots based on your schedule

RMM Agent 10.9.6 RC
UPDATE: Increase memory allocation for RMM Agent to 200MB
BUGFIX: Corrected Backup Check failure notification with IASO Backup Manager
BUGFIX: Fixed Page File setting to be optional in Performance Monitoring Check


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