MSP Manager Feature Release – Workflows and Rules

When it comes to running your own business or managing a team, it’s all too easy to lose precious time to non-billable, mundane tasks.  That’s why we are happy to release Workflows and Rules built to give you time back in your day and more money in your pocket.  We’ll be rolling out this feature starting this week and completing by Friday June 14, 2019.

Our workflows include triggers for RMM generated tickets, emails, portal tickets and easy ticket requests.  Our Workflow Access Groups make it easy to assign the right customers to the appropriate triggers, making it easy and safe to onboard.

There’s a wide variety of conditions and actions that can be performed, so please review our documentation for a more detailed overview of these capabilities.

You’re probably asking yourself, “So, what can we really automate with this?”  Here’s some real-world examples!

  • Assign emails from a specific domain to a target queue
  • Make tickets from a certain VIP email address high priority
  • Set the contact of a ticket based on their email address
  • Suppress tickets for specific checks
  • If an email contains a specific subject or text in the body, assign to a specific technician
  • Based on RMM outage subject, create a ticket, assign a queue and set specific customer contact

MSPM’s Workflows and Rules are flexible – so you can add more rules to your workflow portfolio and automate your ticketing process in a way that makes sense for your business!

And of course, what’s a release without some Q&A’s.

Q:  Do I have to have SolarWinds RMM to use the new Workflows and Rules?
A:  No, there are plenty of workflows and routing rules you can use to automate your ticketing and routing processes without RMM.  We WILL say that using Workflows and Rules as part of an integrated RMM & PSA system means you’ll be able to automate your service workflows at the point where they start.  That’s kind of like turning up the NOS when you’re already winning the race!

Q: What happens if an email or request doesn’t match one of my workflow rules?
A: We got you!  So long as the ticket comes from an access group, a ticket request will always be created.  If it meets the conditions for workflow rules, it will be routed accordingly.  Otherwise, it will be waiting for you to assign manually.  No tickets fall through the cracks!

Q: Can I create granular workflows?
A:  Absolutely!  MSPM gives you the ability to create multiple rules.  Those rules can have “and/or” as well as block condition statements.  After that, it’s up to you.  Let your imagination run wild!

Q: This extra efficiency has made me exceed all my targets.  What do I do with my bonus income?
A: Buy a boat.  Who doesn’t want a boat?

Have more questions about Workflows and Rules?  Any suggestions on how we can improve MSP Manager?  Wanna talk about it?  Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to chat with you.  I’m always looking forward to your feedback on new and existing MSP Manager functionality.

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