SolarWinds Backup 19.3, with support for Office 365 OneDrive, now available

We are very pleased to announce the availability of version 19.3 of SolarWinds Backup. This release includes notable new Office 365 features, as well as some bug fixes in the main product. New features include expanded capabilities for Office 365 Exchange backup, and data protection for Microsoft OneDrive.

Enhancements to Backup for Office 365 Exchange were developed in response to customer feedback during our recent Early Access Period. These include:

  • Backup of the full Exchange mailbox, not just deleted items. Now all email, calendars, and contacts are backed up every four hours.
  • We’ve added the ability to select which mailboxes to back up, and provided the option to exclude others from backup.
  • The Office 365 Exchange Restore Wizard has been redesigned to a more user-friendly full-page format.

In addition, Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive is now a protected data source, with the ability to restore individual items or an entire file and folder tree to its original location.

Office 365 data protection is included in the standalone and N-central 12.1 integrated versions of SolarWinds Backup, and can be managed right alongside server, workstation, and document backup.

OneDrive screen shot 1

Along with a number of other improvements and minor bug fixes, version 19.3 also removes an earlier limitation whereby the management console could only display a maximum of ten remote backup manager installations. Now the management console view has been expanded to show up to 100 installations, and the most recent installations are shown at the top of the display.

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