Take Control Viewer 6.0 for Mac

Following the release of our latest Windows Viewer, we are pleased to introduce the latest Mac Console and Viewer: Version 6.00.00.

All the details…

In this release, we have revised the Mac Console and Viewer, bringing the latest look and feel to this platform, while remaining focused on user experience and customer service priorities.

Technicians Console:


We have rendered this to reflect our updated color schemes, while preserving quality and key functionality.

We’ve also revamped the viewer interface, applying our updated design paradigms, while maintaining focus on customer service priorities.


As you navigate through each of the tabs, you’ll observe that the functionality has been preserved, and that each menu item has been planned for an optimal user experience.


We’ve also added the updated network health monitor on the bottom bar – allowing you to immediately understand the health of your connection to the end point. When you select this, you are informed of the upload bandwidth, download bandwidth and response latency:


Additionally, we’ve worked to ensure our Vaults functionality remains fully accessible while preserving familiar functionality:



Summary of release:

Mac Viewer:  v6.00.00
UPDATE: Added Dark Mode
UPDATE: Added re-color
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which could result in Take Control sessions becoming unresponsive


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