SolarWinds RMM: New GA Agent v10.7.12 with Antivirus Update and Backup Check Improvements

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re making a new Windows Agent generally available (GA) this week, v10.7.12. This agent release contains all the recent improvements in the v10.8.0, v10.8.1 and v10.8.2 agents related to the Antivirus Update Check and the Backup Check, so that you’re now able to roll these out across clients and devices.

Please note, the new 10.7.12 Agent does not include the recent enhancements to Patch Management and the new patch engine – these continue to be in RC at this time. 

In addition, we’re updating the v10.8.3 RC Agent to include an ‘Automation Manager’ upgrade, so it runs the latest ‘ScriptRunner’ agent, v2.7. The new version lays the groundwork for upcoming Automation Manager enhancements and bug fixes. 

Summary for Service Release
– New Windows GA Agent with Antivirus and Backup Check updates

– Dashboard v2018.11.26
– New Windows GA Agent v10.7.12

Dashboard v2018.11.26
BUGFIX: Ensure devices that are removed via the ‘Automatically Delete workstations from Dashboard if Agent is reinstalled’ option under General Settings can be reinstalled using the ‘Remote Worker’ site installation package option

Windows v10.7.12 GA
UPDATE: Enhancement to the Antivirus Update Check to make it smarter in detecting latest definitions on endpoints by inspecting version and date increases
UPDATE: Enhancement to the Antivirus Update Check to retry connections to vendor websites for definition updates before failing the check
BUGFIX: Update to the Antivirus Update Check to ensure it detects Trend Business Security Services
BUGFIX: Improved detection of Trend Worry-Free Business Security Scan in the Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX: Update to the Antivirus Update Check to improve definitions detection for Trend ScanMail, Trend OfficeScan and Trend ServerProtect
BUGFIX: Update to the Antivirus Update Check to fix detection of Kaspersky Anti-virus (Security 10 version) for Windows Server
BUGFIX: Update to the Backup Check to add detection for Mozy Backup (v2.36 and above)

Windows v10.8.3 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade of the Automation Manager agent (‘ScriptRunner’) to v2.7


We also want to highlight we’re keen for customer input on an exciting project – are you interested in providing feedback and influence updates to our reporting capabilities?  Please send an email to our User Research team:  We look forward to hearing from you!

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