SolarWinds Mail Assure: November 12th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Domain level ‘Whitelisted recipients’ moved to ‘Mailboxes overview’

There is now a single place to manage mailboxes that should not be filtered, which is the ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page. All entries that were present on the ‘Whitelisted recipients’ page have moved to the ‘Mailboxes Overview’ page in the ‘Mailboxes’ tab.

The ‘Recipient Whitelist’ page is still available at admin level, for whitelisting recipients at admin level. At domain level, it is present to list recipients that have been whitelisted at admin level, allowing disabling of the list (as in previous builds). A reference to the new central ‘Mailboxes’ tab is listed to inform the users.

Rejection change from permanent to temporary for ‘unknown domains’

Emails sent to domains that have not been added (yet) to the platform, are now temporarily rejected with a 451 SMTP response ‘relay not permitted!’. This has changed from the previous 550 permanent rejection.

Filtering (services):

  • Improved: when using LDAP mailbox sync with the ‘allow deactivation’ functionality, custom settings for a local journal address are no longer removed (#36833)
  • Improved: Protection Reports now support non-ASCII brands (#36850)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: an issue downloading or retrying messages from the queue for multiple domains (#36700)
  • Resolved: ESR using the ‘since last scheduled’ date would not display the search results in the control panel correctly (#36776)
  • Resolved: the most actively used action in the ESR action page was incorrectly displayed as a tab rather than a button (#36808)
  • Improved: the ESR templates page offers two new actions, ‘Incoming reports using this template’ and ‘Outgoing reports using this template’, and the ESR page offers a new ‘Edit template’ action to take you to the template that report uses


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