SolarWinds RMM: New Mac RC Agent with Backup Documents

Following the release of Agent 3 GA, the Mac team at SolarWinds MSP is excited to bring you a release candidate of Agent 3.1.0 for Mac which includes the SolarWinds®Backup Documents feature.

If you don’t already know, SolarWinds Backup Documents locates and backs up business documents from every workstation twice a day—automatically—for $1 a workstation/month, and with our global cloud network, users can self-service restore documents anywhere at any time.

This feature is especially important for Mac workstations because the built-in Time Machine backup – while nice for system restores – is not designed to serve as a business-class backup.

Enabling it is easy: upgrade a Mac workstation to Agent 3.1.0 RC, then edit the workstation, go to Backup & Recovery, and Turn on Documents.


You’ll get new Backup checks to keep you informed:PastedGraphic-7.png.png

And a Backup tab so you can see progress and do restores.


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