SolarWinds Mail Assure: October 29th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Improvements to Automatic Email Scout Reports
When creating a scheduled Email Scout Report, you’re now able to choose between sending to a specific recipient, or to all mailboxes for the domain (an automatic ESR). This allows customization of the automatic ESR, rather than the fixed automatic ESR available from the Domain Settings page – you can adjust the template that’s used, the columns that are included, the filters that define the report, the subject and sender of the email, and have access to the same extensive scheduling configuration as for a single report.

When a mailbox has an Email Scout Report automatically added, an introductory email is sent to the mailbox, explaining what to expect. You’re now able to change the template used for these messages and add/edit templates – you can find this functionality in the (preview) Email Scout Reports Templates page, in a new ‘Automatic Email Scout Report Activation Messages’ tab. All of the usual template editing functionality is available.

The ‘Email Scout Reports’ page also gains a new tab – ‘Automatic Email Scout Reports’. From here, you can see the existing automatic ESR that are configured (note that these are the rules that define creation of ESR, not the actual ESR themselves, which are found on the existing first tab), and remove any that should no longer be active.

Filtering (services):

  • Resolved: existing indexes tasks are skipped for domains that have been since removed (#36608)
  • Resolved: when using the ‘add to sender domain’ archiving/outgoing option, the messages are now visible in the log search for the sender domain (#36575)
  • Resolved: fixed various issues with archive expiry (#36614)
  • Resolved: fixed archive quotas when using the ‘enable for all domains’ option (#36676)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue that would cause a backlog of logging data in some situations (#36542)
  • Resolved: issues with Email Scout Report scheduling have been fixed (#36552)
  • Resolved: the ‘Training Requested’ mailbox is no longer removed if there are no quarantined messages for the mailbox (#36583)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue releasing messages with an extremely rare form of corrupted header (#36468)
  • Resolved: improved handling when a message is released for a domain that has been since removed (#36606)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue where the /api/admin/setarchivingquota/ control panel API call would set the quota for the admin’s parent rather than children (#36667)
  • Improved: the client IP address is now included in the API logs when releasing a message from the Protection Reports ([141262])
  • Improved: An X-Recommended-Action: accept header is included in Email Scout Report and Protection Report messages, for convenience when the quarantine is disabled for a mailbox receiving these messages ([141256], [141253])

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: when using the SMTP network tool, if no hostname is specified and therefore the destination address used to determine the hostname, the configured port is correctly picked up (#36680)
  • Resolved: fixed an error that could occur when executing actions on log searches across multiple domains (#36717)
  • Resolved: archive exports no longer fail after 30 minutes (#36618)
  • Resolved: removing an email user no longer causes a matching mailbox to appear in the Mailboxes Overview page (#36139)
  • Resolved: fixed exporting logs to CSV when the ‘earliest next delivery attempt’ column is displayed (#36506)
  • Resolved: fixed issues viewing and taking action on some types of quarantined messages (#36653)
  • Resolved: fixed the display of archive space used (#36722)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue where the selected filter (when choosing from a provided list) would not be correctly applied to the results (#36571)
  • Resolved: fixed the display of non-ASCII hostnames in the destinations page (#36625)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue searching for content (e.g. Subjects) that spans multiple lines (#36638)
  • Resolved: fixed an error that could occur using the ‘execute search’ action on the Email Scout Report page (#36672)
  • Resolved: fixed sending an Email Scout Report when the ‘earliest next delivery attempt’ column is displayed (#36601)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue exporting the Email Scout Report settings to CSV (#36657)
  • Improved: The Email Scout Reports message action page is now branded (#34904)
  • Improved: the default Email Scout Report templates now include a workaround for a Microsoft Outlook iOS bug that prevent proper scrolling (#36395)
  • Improved: a country name () method is available in the Email Scout Report templates, to convert a two-character country code to a country name ([141258])
  • Improved: expanded the help text for the ‘discard all mail’ mailbox setting ([141252])
  • Improved: the domain filter now offers the usual suggestion list (#36654)
  • Improved: the recipient field in the Email Scout Report creation dialog now works better on small screens (#36649)
  • Added: it’s now possible to create custom filtering rules (whitelist or blacklist) based on whether the message is from a known social media provider (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), or is a newsletter / mailing list / bulk message ([140517])
  • Added: automatic Email Scout Reports can be created using the same mechanism as a normal ESR, the ‘welcome’ messages are now editable, and existing automatic ESR can be managed (#31240)
  • Improved: Email Scout Reports now include a top bar displaying the brand logo and a ‘powered by brand’ statement at the end of the email. If you have Premium Private Label, no branding is applied, and you can customize whatever branding you wish via the report templates (#32524)


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