Single Sign-on (SSO) Coming Soon to SolarWinds® Backup

Great news! In early November user authorization for the Backup Console @ will migrate to a new Single Sign-on identity server. Once logged in, your credentials will be standardized between other supported SolarWinds applications you have authorization for.

For more information on SolarWinds SSO, see the FAQ page on our help portal.

Console Updates

  • After migration, the console will have additional options when clicking the username in the upper right corner which will allow you to change your user credentials, reset your password or enable two factor authentication (2fa).

Email Based Login Required

  • Prior to SSO, login via “user name” or “email address” is supported.
  • After the migration, login to is only supported using an email address. Those of you logging in with non-email based credentials before migration will receive notification in the console to modify your login to use your email address.

  • After migration when accessing you will be redirected to for authentication.

If you are unable to login, you should attempt a password reset by clicking the Forgot password prior to contacting technical support.

Duplicate Email Addresses

  • Prior to migration if your current login email address is  used for multiple partner or customer account you will receive notification in the console to make the required changes to remove the non-unique usernames from your other accounts.
  • After migration, each email address on the Single Sign-on identity server can be used for only ONE backup partner or customer.

  • If duplicate users still exist during migration, the active email account with the highest security level will be migrated to the SSO identity server.  Any remaining duplicate email accounts will be converted to “Integration User” status and will not be able to directly access the console and those accounts should be removed and replaced with unique email based accounts.
  • If you attempt to add an existing email address that is already in use you will receive a error similar to the one below.

  • You can view your current user list by selecting the Users / User Management icon on the left navigation control bar.
  • “Integration User” accounts will showup differently in the management console and will only have login rights to access the legacy Cloud Management Console (CMC), API services or Storage Nodes.
  • Documentation on User Management can be found here.

Please open a support case if you have issues identifying or correcting accounts that use duplicate email credentials or have access issues after migration.

Existing SolarWinds SSO Users

  • If your email address already exists on the Single Sign-on identity server. This is because you are also using this email address for SolarWinds RMM and MSP Manager applications. After the migration, please use the previously established SSO password for the existing username on the Single Sign-on identity server login page.

If you do not remember your SSO password, you should attempt a password reset before opening a support case.

Two Factor Authentication

  • After the migration, the DoubleChecked app for two factor authentication (2FA) is no longer supported and will be disabled. You will need to setup 2FA provided by the new Single Sign-on identity server.
  • Enabling 2FA functions for new email based SSO credentials will prevent the credentials from working with the legacy Cloud Management Console (CMC) application as well as prevent those credentials from working with product APIs.
  • We are now leveraging the same 2FA technology used by other SolarWinds products as discussed in this release post.
  • You can select 2fa

Software Only Partners

  • Before and after migration, those hosting their own storage nodes, should run the Storage Node Installer and ensure that the credentials used are email based credentials and are updated with a valid password.
  • Important: Storage Nodes will not be able to use login email credentials linked to 2FA.
  • It is recommended that you create unique superuser email credentials that are used exclusively for your Storage Node authentication.
  • Failure to confirm or update your storage node credentials could result in missed backups.

Please open a support ticket if you require assistance with reconfiguring a Storage Node.

Ncentral and RMM Integrated Backup Users

  • There should be no impact to users of Ncentral or RMM Integrated Backup.  Anyone experiencing login issues should open a support ticket.

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