SolarWinds Mail Assure: October 8th Features and Updates Release

Filtering (services):

  • Resolved: journaled messages would sometimes be logged for the incoming filter but not the outgoing, when they can be logged for both (#36578)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue where the Email Scout Report schedule could have wrongly switched between daily and weekly (#36550)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed an issue where the template name would not update when editing Email Scout Report templates (#36253)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue using a ‘starts with’ filter with the auth username in log search (#36503)
  • Resolved: the new style pages did not follow the default number of items per page setting (#36521)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue with adding whitelisted/blacklisted recipients/senders at admin level (#36535)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue with setting some schedules in the automatic Email Scout Reports (#36546)
  • Improved: the ‘Save’ button on the Email Scout Report creation dialog has been renamed to ‘Schedule’ ([140257])
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