SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with NetPath Enhancements, Backup Version Update, New Windows RC Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest SolarWinds RMM release is in the process of rolling out to customers in all territories. In this week’s update we have several feature and performance enhancements heading your way:

  • NetPath Updates: Now you can add a Path to multiple devices at once, view Paths grouped by customer, and more.
  • Backup Manager v18.6: We’ve auto-updated the Backup engine to the latest SolarWinds Backup version with improvements to the Restore tab and backup speed.
  • New Windows RC Agent: We’re releasing a new Windows RC Agent (v10.7.10) to add support for Kaspersky v11 in the Antivirus Update Check.

The release is currently live in the Asia Pacific region and we’re in the process of turning it on for customers in Europe, with the UK and the Americas to follow soon after. Here are all the details…


NetPath Enhancements

With this release, you now have two ways of viewing the Paths under management – by Customer, and by Path.

The Customer view groups paths together by customer, making it easy to see the status of all paths for a particular customer and know at a glance if any important sites are experiencing an issue. It also makes it easier to tell if there’s a customer is experiencing a wider issue or if it’s just related to a specific website.

The new Path view groups paths together by the destination for the path – making it easy to see the status of all your paths to a particular domain across your customer base. Switching between the Customer and Path views is done by clicking on the appropriate view in the top right-hand corner of the NetPath UI. Here’s a screenshot showing the new functionality:

path 3


Additionally, the NetPath dashboard has been updated to show the Port that each path has been configured to monitor, and the NetPath wizard now shows servers and workstations in one list with the option to select multiple devices (and customers) in one go.

Here are a couple of screenshots highlighting the latest additions:

  • Add a path to multiple devices and clients at once:

path 1

  • Additional information to help optimise device settings for NetPath:

path 2


Backup Manager v18.6

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve updated Backup Manager to use SolarWinds Backup’s latest version, with several feature updates:

Improved – Restore Tab in Backup Manager
The Restore tab has been simplified to enable a faster, more intuitive, way of selecting the desired day / session. A calendar view and available session list is shown so you can quickly select exactly which session to restore.

Also, the restore location has been simplified, to prevent accidental overwritten files. You now have the option to restore to the original location, or to choose a new location.



Improved – Backup Accelerator V2
We have expanded the scope of our Backup Accelerator to boost performance. The Backup Accelerator tracks changes between successful backups removing the need to perform a full scan of the system every time.

Additionally, the background scanning engine that detects data changes between backup jobs now runs 24X7, with greater efficiency and for more file types than in v1. This allows for even more frequent, and faster backups.

Improved – LocalSpeedVault self healing / auto-disable 
A failed and offline LocalSpeedVault represents a significant risk to data recoverability if it contains data that has not been transmitted to cloud storage. For improved recoverability, we have auto-disabled synchronization for a failed state for a period of 14 consecutive days.

Any unsynchronized / unavailable backup sessions will be invalidated. The next backup operation will then synchronize the most recent version of selected data.


Windows RC Agent 10.7.10

We’re releasing a new Windows RC Agent (v10.7.10) to add support for Kaspersky v11 in the Antivirus Update Check. This follows on from last week’s RC Agent update to add support for Trend AV to the Antivirus Update Check.


Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

Please note that the features are rolling out in stages and will be enabled in customer accounts over the coming days.

Summary for Service Release
– NetPath enhancements, Backup Manager v18.6, customer bug fixes
– Dashboard Version 2018.08.27
– NetPath v1.9
– New Windows RC Agent v10.7.10

Dashboard v2018.08.27
UPDATE: Performance improvement to make loading of the Client/Site Settings dialogs faster for large accounts
BUGFIX: Patch Management update to address common “Not Enough Memory/Insufficient Memory” scan error
BUGFIX: Update to the Automated Tasks Report to use the same timezone logic that is present in the “More Information” dialog of the Task
BUGFIX: Update to the “Remove Local Profile” script in Automation Manager so it no longer automatically selects the “All profiles” checkbox
BUGFIX: Addressing a memory leak issue related to the Active Discovery Agent
BUGFIX: Active Discovery update to address an error related to communicating using TLS 1.2

Windows Agent 10.7.10 (RC)
UPDATE: Adding support for Kaspersky Anti-Virus v11 to the Antivirus Update Check

NetPath v1.9
UPDATE: View NetPath Paths grouped by Customer and by Path
UPDATE: The NetPath dashboard has been updated to show the Port that each path has been configured to monitor
UPDATE: The NetPath wizard has been updated to allow you to select multiple devices – making it easy to deploy a path to multiple devices.
UPDATE: The NetPath wizard has been updated to show Servers and Workstations in one list – making it easy to select a mixture of Servers and Workstations to host the path.
UPDATE: The NetPath wizard has been updated to to tell users about the optimal networking requirements for NetPath

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