SolarWinds Mail Assure: August 27th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Pages moving out of preview

The new ‘domain aliases’ page of the control panel will move out of preview on August 27th. The new log search pages of the control panel are expected to move out of preview on September 3rd. This includes many changes:

  • The existing quarantine, queue, and archive search pages will no longer be available via the side navigation or in the default dashboard. They will still be reachable by using the URL directly, or if that URL is added to a custom dashboard.
  • There will be two new archive search links in the side navigation and default dashboard, which are shortcuts to an appropriate log search.
  • The (incoming and outgoing) quarantine and queue links in the side navigation and default dashboard will be replaced with shortcuts to appropriate log searches.
  • The log search page will be replaced by the new one (both incoming and outgoing). The old pages will still be reachable by using the URL directly, if that URL is added to a custom dashboard, and also via a link in the new pages’ description.
  • The new Delivery Details log search will be available to all users.
  • The new Email Scout Reports pages will be available to all users.
  • The new Customise Actions page will be available to all users.

Note that you can see a clear picture of what the control panel will be like by enabling ‘features preview’ in the user profile page. Access to the old pages will be removed in the (not near) future.

Date and Time options for Email Scout Reports

The Mailboxes Overview page now includes options to manage time zone as well as time and date format. These options may be set for individual mailboxes, or as a domain default. Email Scout Reports are now also able to take advantage of these new options to format dates and times more conveniently.


  • Resolved: API crashes when the quarantine is unavailable (#35993)
  • Resolved: API error when clearing the cache failed (#36254)
  • Resolved: API error when retrieving statistics in rare situations (#36261)
  • Resolved: When a message was released and required archiving it could be stored under the day of release rather than the day the message was received (#36144)
  • Resolved: Messages could be accepted at the global journal address after a domain was removed (#36242)
  • Resolved: Protection Reports sent to multiple recipients would fail to send (#36194)
  • Resolved: Sending an on-demand ESR that included an unsubscribe link would fail (#36067)
  • Resolved: In some situations, multiple copies of automatic ESR could be created (#36094)
  • Resolved: ESR containing unsubscribe links to non-ASCII recipients would fail to send (#36258)
  • Resolved: Training messages via email would fail in some situations (#36099)
  • Resolved: Actions on large numbers of rows in the preview log search pages could fail to execute (#35955)
  • Resolved: Searching in message content in non-ASCII domains from the preview log search pages would fail (#36236)
  • Resolved: API error when the traceroute or dig commands failed (#36279)
  • Resolved: Messages could still show as archived after being removed via expiry or hard quota (#35766)
  • Resolved: Some actions on the preview log search page could fail to execute (#36230)
  • Resolved: An error could occur when viewing messages via ESR where the recipient contained non-ASCII characters (#36247)
  • Resolved: Creating new custom filtering rules based on matching against all headers would not work correctly (#36209)
  • Resolved: Fixed an issue using the control panel with IE11 (#36285)
  • Resolved: Fixed an issue executing an action on extremely large numbers of rows (#36120)
  • Resolved: Fixed an issue with the control panel when archiving is not available (#36189)
  • Resolved: Granting API access when logged in using an auth ticket was not working (#36222)
  • Resolved: The ‘message content’ filter would sometimes be delayed from becoming available after creating an index (#36231)
  • Resolved: Issues with the LDAP Sync settings not appearing correctly after reset (#36239)
  • Resolved: Fixed using the enter key to create whitelisted or blacklisted senders and recipients (#35823)
  • Resolved: Fixed the operator names for the ‘message content’ filter (#36232)
  • Improved: The ability to create an archive index has been extended to the email user level (#34671)
  • Improved: The text on the single and bulk action confirmation dialogs has been clarified (#36228)
  • Improved: Added a help sidebar on the custom HTML creation dialog (#35908)
  • Improved: Execution of actions against a single message occur more quickly (#36167)
  • Improved: Removed the mislabeled ‘general accuracy’ values from the statistics pages ([138567])
  • Improved: Move the ‘Domain Aliases’ page out of preview ([138509])
  • Added: Added date and time options to mailbox options and ESR templates (#35804)

In case there are items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support via

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