SolarWinds RMM: August 2nd Service Release

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest SolarWinds RMM service release is now rolled out to customers in all territories.  This release is primarily focused on customer bug fixes, including updates to the Take Control and Backup & Recovery reports.

Here are the details of this week’s release…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer bug fixes and updates
– Dashboard Version 2018.07.30
– No agent update

Dashboard: v2018.07.30
BUGFIX: Ensure the Take Control Report shows the remote user for MSP Anywhere sessions (requires latest MSP Anywhere viewer, see recent post)
BUGFIX: Ensure the Backup Restorable Selection Report doesn’t erroneously include backups outside of the selected date range
BUGFIX: Ensure the Backup Integrity Report shows the appropriate backup schedule as set in the Backup check
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting the Approved IP Addresses list in security settings when the user that shows in the last access column is no longer in the user accounts list

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