MSP Manager 3.10.3 Advance Notification – June 28th – 6:00 am GMT

A publish is scheduled for MSP Manager (3.10.3) for Thursday June 28th at 6:00 am GMT. The Update Window is approx. 5 hours and we do NOT anticipate any downtime.

This patch includes key fixes for both our existing and new user interface.

Release Notes will be made available shortly after publish.

NOTE: Any users who export inoices to Xero will be asked to re-enter their credentials during the next export. This is due to a change that was required to resolve export problems in some instances and is a one-time requirement only.

Fixed Issues

  • We resolved a problem that would result in an error when attempting to export to Xero. As part of this fix, on your next export to Xero, you will be prompted to authenticate. This is a one-time requirement only.
  • Validation that would prevent a User’s email from being the same as the N-central integration credentials has been removed.
  • An issue that could prevent a User’s email to be changed because the email already exists in our SSO system has been resolved

Fixed Issues – New UI only

  • An issue which caused the “Last Week” filter in the ‘My Dashboard’ to be innacurate has been resolved.
  • The ‘My Dashboard’ page has been updated to calculate time using system time instead of the user’s browser time to ensure aligment with other areas of the system.
  • A problem related to saving date changes to expiry dates has been resolved.
  • An issue related to customer context in the knowledge search has been resolved.

Known Issue

  • No new Known Issues added as of this publish. For the complete list please see the Release Notes
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