SolarWinds Mail Assure: June 25th Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds Mail Assure.


  • Resolved: Fixed an issue preventing the sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist ‘recommended’ list displaying for domain users (#35712)
  • Resolved: Fixed an issue where whitelisted/blacklisted addresses could fail to be displayed at ’email user’ level when the address was mixed-case (#35289)
  • Resolved: Fixed an issue where the ‘apply to all selected’ action would continue to be used even after deselecting a message (#35676)
  • Resolved: Fixed an issue where in some situations the DKIM selector would not show correctly in the outgoing user settings (#35590)
  • Resolved: Fixed poor performance when executing a log search with extremely large timestamp values (#35722)
  • Improved: A clearer error is displayed when attempting a ‘message content’ log search that cannot be executed (e.g. all mail without a specific word) (#35691)
  • Improved: When the network tools (ping, traceroute, etc) fail an improved error message is displayed (#35621, #35740, #35745, #35746)
  • Improved: When providing invalid CSV data for an import an improved error message is displayed (#35742)
  • Improved: When attempting to set an out of range value for the maximum mailboxes in a domain, an error is now displayed (#35724)
  • Improved: Links to the Email Scout Reports page are now included in the navigation sidebar and the default dashboard (#35761, #35564)
  • Improved: The help text for the ‘distribution list’ option in the mailbox settings has been improved ([135632])

In case there are  items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support via

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