MSP Mail End-of-Life Notification

We are completing the migration of MSP Mail / MAX Mail to Mail Assure. Please make note of the following actions and deadlines associated with the final stage of migration.
*         May 14 : Access to filtering and archiving configurations for MSP Mail / MAX Mail is now restricted and self-migration is no longer possible.
*         May 15 – 16: We will migrate any remaining MSP Mail / MAX Mail domain settings and configurations to Mail Assure, excluding any archived email data. Mail flow will still occur.
*         May 24: MSP Mail / MAX Mail systems will no longer process or filter email, and all traffic will be redirected to Mail Assure. To ensure the continued availability of your emails that were archived prior to the redirection of mail, we will need to transfer it on May 24.

If you do not want us to migrate your archive data, please contact us by no later than May 22. Our dedicated Mail Assure Migration Support Team is available to assist you at:

(You will continue to have access to messages archived via MAX Mail in the MAX Mail interface until all data has been made available on Mail Assure.)

Please note, as this is an automatic migration process, a number of system settings may NOT be migrated over, and email flows may be affected due to differences in product behavior.

We recommend you log in to Mail Assure between May 17 and May 23 to review your configuration settings in order to make any final changes

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