SolarWinds RMM: Updated RMM Mobile Apps with 2FA Support

We’re pleased to let you know we’re in the process of releasing an update to the iOS® and Android® mobile apps for SolarWinds® RMM. The new apps should become available in their respective app and play stores over the coming hours. 

The updates apps now use the same login system we recently rolled out to the main RMM web application. It means there is now two-factor authentication on the mobile app as well: When 2FA is enabled in the RMM dashboard for a user, they’ll also be asked to log in with 2FA in the mobile app. 

In addition, the updated apps include another security-related enhancement: Now you can set a passcode (or if your phone supports it, fingerprint or face ID) that will be
invoked on subsequent launches of the app. This security setting will also prompt for the security code when you initiate a Take Control session from inside the app. It provides an extra layer of security preventing an unknown user from jumping into the app or launching a remote control session, should they gain access to your device.

This latest release also updates the styling of the app, providing a clean and crisp UI, and last but not least, the iOS app now offers language support for French, German, Spanish and Italian. iPhones will automatically select the right language based on the handset’s language setting. The Android app is English-only for the moment; we’ll be adding full language support (including Brazilian Portuguese) to Android handsets in due course.

Here are a few screenshots to highlight the enhancements:

  • Log in with the same login system used for the main RMM app:

mobile login


  • When 2FA is enabled, it will prompt for 2FA when you log into the mobile app
  • Use the phone’s app navigation to switch to the Authenticator app to copy then paste the 6-digit code

mobile 2fa


  • Turn on additional security settings to make the app even more secure:

mobile turn on security


  • Updated styling that provides a clean, crisp user experience:

mobile styling



The updated mobile apps are now available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores, here are the links. We encourage you to update to the new apps as soon as convenient so you can take advantage of the latest enhancements!


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