Coming Soon to SolarWinds MSP: Updated Login System for RMM, MSP Manager, Risk Intelligence

We’re pleased to announce that we’re about to start a phased rollout of a new login system for some of the SolarWinds MSP products. The new login adds greater consistency and security to our services. It also lays the groundwork for future enhancements such as single-sign-on between the SolarWinds MSP products.

As we move to the new login system, you’ll notice the login screens get a bit of a UI refresh – here are a few example screenshots:

new sso 1

new sso 2

new sso 3

The rollout of the new login system applies to the following products: RMM, MSP Manager where it’s integrated with RMM, and Risk Intelligence. Your existing username, password and 2FA settings will continue to work of course.

In addition to the UI update of the login screens, you’ll also see a few new user options in the platform bar: Now a user can change their own username and password, as well as update their own 2FA settings. Note that this is in addition to existing user management options, it’s not replacing any current functionality. Here’s how it looks:

new sso 4 user dropdown

MSP Manager accounts that are integrated with RMM will now also benefit from 2FA. If this is already enabled in RMM, then integrated MSP Manager accounts are automatically protected by the same 2FA. If 2FA is not yet turned on, then users can enable this from the platform bar in RMM.

We’re planning to roll the update out gradually to RMM, integrated MSP Manager accounts and Risk Intelligence over the next couple of weeks. We’ll post an update on this blog to let you know once the upgrade is complete.

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