SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s features and updates release is now available. The main highlight is related to the admin level sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist feature.

Admin level sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist

An additional level of the sender and recipient whitelisting and blacklisting features has been added this week, enabling admins to configure their own set of default whitelists and blacklists. If lists are configured for an admin, then those will be primarily used for domains that are linked to that admin, rather than the cluster-wide defaults.

The admin ‘chain’ will be followed, until a single set of default values is found. For example, if is linked to sub-admin1 and sub-admin1 has lists configured, those will be used for If sub-admin1 does not have lists configured but it is linked to admin1, which does have lists configured, then will use the admin1 lists. If admin1 does not have lists configured, and has no ‘parent’ admin, the cluster-wide defaults lists will apply to

If a domain user does not want to use the default lists provided by the admin (or cluster-wide defaults), the ‘use default values’ setting may be turned off.

Note that currently, domain users will not be able to see any admin-level lists that apply to the domain (and will see the cluster default lists instead). This will be addressed in an upcoming update.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: Unable to use ‘default’ domain in ‘Customise Actions’ when logged in as super-admin (#34350)
  • Resolved: Issue with ‘Copy Recipient’ not working on the Sender Whitelist / Blacklist pages (#34349)
  • Resolved: Issue with removing email alias if the address is invalid (#34312)
  • Resolved: Issue with Email Scout Report hour set in UTC instead of the user’s time zone (#34313)
  • Improved: Error message when attempting to use an invalid branding logo (#34315)
  • Added: Exposed per-admin sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist (#34023)

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