SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s features and updates release is now available.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: Editing outgoing users take too much time to load (#34225)
  • Resolved: Ensure admins without API access cannot create sub-admins with API access (#34280)
  • Resolved: Issue with ‘/api/admin/list/’ failing to return all sub-admin details when admin credentials are used (#34235)
  • Improved: Changed the name of the ‘not matches’ filter to ‘does not match’ ([128395])
  • Improved: Clarified on several pages that settings affect both the incoming and outgoing filters ([128497])
  • Added: Allow to reset the admin branding back to ‘default’(#34006)
  • Added: Optional custom logging ‘username’/identifier when creating auth tickets (#34022)

In case you have items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support at 

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