SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s features and updates release is now available. The main highlights are related to the Outgoing delivery IP reputation check, combining domain and email aliases and custom actions.

Outgoing delivery IP reputation check

The ‘Manage Outgoing Delivery IPs’ page has two new tabs that are used to check the reputation of your outgoing delivery IPs. To ensure consistent delivery, it’s important that these IPs are not listed on external blacklists (DNSBL). Filtering and automatic locking provide most of what’s required to keep a clean reputation, but some manual maintenance is typically also required, particularly for newly added IPs. The system comes configured with several of the most widely used blacklists, but you can add and remove lists using the ‘Configure Reputation Check’ tab.

The ‘Reputation Check’ tab allows you to select one or more of your outgoing delivery IPs, and then check those IPs against a set of DNSBL. You may check one IP against one DNSBL (click the ‘load’ icon in the cell), check one IP against all DNSBL (select the row and use the ‘check’ action), check all IPs against one DNSBL (click the ‘load’ icon in the column heading), or check all IPs against all DNSBL (select all rows and use the ‘check’ action).

Combining domain and email aliases

It’s now possible to use both an email and a domain alias in the same address. For example, if the domain is an alias for the primary domain, and has an email alias example_alias@ for the primary mailbox example@, then: is an alias for is an alias for is an alias for

Custom actions

It’s now possible to customise what action is taken for messages based on the classification – for example, you may wish to configure a domain so that all messages that are classified as phishing are not available in the user’s quarantine. The simplest method of configuring this is to use the log search pages to locate an example of the messages that you want to customise and use the ‘Change action for messages like this’ action. This will take you to the new ‘Customise Actions’ page, with most of the required fields already completed for you.

You are able to define which messages the customisation applies to by matching against the messages’ main, sub, and extra class. For example, this allows you to match all phishing messages (main class ‘phish’), all messages that are larger than permitted (main class ‘blacklisted’, subclass ‘oversize’), or all messages that match a specific custom filtering rule (main class ‘blacklisted’, subclass ‘rule-.*’, extra class the name of the rule).

You’re able to choose from several possible actions for messages that match, including rejecting the message without quarantining, reject and quarantining, or silently dropping the message (blackholing). This functionality is currently only available to users that have ‘features preview’ enabled.


Front-end / GUI:

Resolved: Archive message view ‘Load the rest of the message’ showing in email (#34136)

Resolved: Issue with removing messages from quarantine not working in preview ‘Log search’ (#34109)

Resolved: Issue with 2FA QR code not working in some 2FA applications when the recommended name contained a space (#34158)

Resolved: The new ‘Log search’ pages do not display any content after redirect (#34162)

Resolved: Log search actions for outgoing filter at email level are incorrect (#34185)

Resolved: ‘/api/domain/getowner’ failing on JSON array (#34200)

Added: RBL checks on Outgoing Delivery IPs page (#30629)

Added: Ability to customise actions by classification (#30909)

Added: ‘Archive download’ option to bulk actions on log search page (#28016)

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