SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

SolarWinds Mail Assure is continuously improved and weekly we release a new set of features and updates.

On behalf of the team, I am pleased to announce this week release is now available. The main highlights are related to the new sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist pages, customizable dashboard and improved quarantine link.

New sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist pages

The new sender and recipient whitelist and blacklist pages have moved out of ‘preview’ this week, so will be used for all users (with access to those pages) rather than only the ones that have ‘features preview’ active. The new pages offer more flexibility with finding addresses that are whitelisted or blacklisted, load faster, and are more consistent with the rest of the new pages in the control panel.

Customisable Dashboard

Users at the domain, admin, and super-admin level are now able to customise the links that appear in the dashboard. You can move groups of links around, add or remove links from a group (including links to external pages, like the knowledge base or your own support system), and add or remove groups. The customisations that you make are saved for you personally and do not impact any other users.

Improved ‘Quarantine’ link

Users who have ‘features preview’ enabled have a new quarantine page (both incoming and outgoing) this week. Rather than a completely separate system, the quarantine link will take you to the log search page, with all filters and columns selected for viewing the quarantine. The added consistency means that users have less to learn, and the new page is both far more customisable than the old, and also far more compact when viewing results. All the actions you’re used to using the old quarantine pages are also available via the preview Log Search pages.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Improved: Removed the import from and export to CSV links from the Custom Filtering Rules pages when using ‘Simple’ mode (these are still available in ‘Advanced’ mode) [126453]
  • Improved: Removed the Export to CSV option in the Custom Filtering Rules pages when using ‘Simple’ mode for global and default tabs [126532]
  • Improved: The new sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist pages are graduated from ‘Features Preview’ to normal use [126526]
  • Added: Allow users to customise the links in their dashboard (#30458)
  • Added: ‘Log Search’ and ‘Quarantine’ pages are integrated into the ‘Feature Preview’ (#33693)
  • Added: Option to bypass 2FA from specific IPs when using Auth Tickets (#33750)
  • Resolved: Issue with Control Panel API not accepting ‘slash’ characters in username (#33993)

In case you have items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support at

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