Announcing Availability of SolarWinds® Backup Version 17.11

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of SolarWinds® Backup v17.11

This release includes some new features, improvements for existing features and a number of resolved customer-reported issues.

The newest release can be downloaded directly from our Backup Management Console

New features and improvements:

  • Postponed AutoUpdate: Updates may be applied as available, or postponed to minimize disruption during production hours. This new option is located under the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab in Profile Management, accessible in the left menu of the Backup Management Console.
  • Performance improvements: This release contains several restore performance improvements, designed for faster restore and better utilization of the available network bandwidth.
  • SolarWinds Backup Documents is our new, easy to use, feature specifically for workstation documents. This feature auto-locates all Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents on a workstation and backs them up automatically twice a day. End users use a self-service portal and may choose from any version from the last 28 days to recover documents. This feature may be activated from RMM or N-Central or deployed using a single file installation package using the Add Device wizard in the Console

Customer resolved issues:

  • After the un-installation of the Recovery Console, the restore dashboard emails were still being sent. This issue is resolved.
  • On your daily backup status checks using a Local Speed Vault when both Local Speed Vault and Remote Storage were synchronized, an incorrect Local Only status (L), may have been displayed. This incorrect status is resolved.
  • For Hyper-V systems, using a combination of Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) and non-CSV volumes is not supported by Microsoft in a single checkpoint. Backup Manager has been changed to process these volumes in separate checkpoints.
  • For some Hyper-V virtual machines, Individual File Restores (IFR), for extreme large Hyper-V virtual disks sometimes failed due a timeout. This issue is resolved.
  • The Bare Metal Restore of physical machines, using an USB boot media, to different hardware, occasionally required additional network or storage drivers to be injected. In some cases, these drivers were not applied, this issue is resolved.
  • In rare cases, after hibernation or internet connection delay, a failed backup session could display an incorrect error status “Significant time difference with the Cloud”. This incorrect error status is resolved.
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