SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Updates to Windows GA and RC Agents

We’re pleased to confirm the latest SolarWinds RMM release is now available in all territories. This includes an update to the GA and RC Agents for Windows, with the release of Agent 10.6.1 to GA and 10.7.1 to RC.

Please upgrade to the new GA Agent at your early convenience to take advantage of the latest set of feature improvements and bug fixes.

We also encourage you to take a look at the brand new Backup & Recovery “Documents” option, currently in RC mode. This innovation in backup for workstations offers single click deployment, automatic detection of all important user files (Word, Excel, CSV files, PDFs, PowerPoints and more), fully automated backup with 56 restore points, and self-service restore for users. In the event of a ransomware attack, a lost or stolen laptop or other emergency, your customers documents are safe and can be restored in moments.

Try “Documents” while it’s in RC mode: To take advantage, update any workstation to the latest RC Agent v10.7.1, then go to Edit Workstation > Backup & Recovery, and select Documents. For more information, including screenshots, see last week’s release notes.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Dashboard release with bug fixes and Agent upgrades
– Dashboard v6.49.1
– Windows Agent v10.6.1 GA, Windows Agent 10.7.1 RC

Dashboard 6.49.1
BUGFIX: Ensure the south pane tab shows the correct device details
BUGFIX: Correct issue affecting the ability to add Automated Tasks and Script Checks to Monitoring Templates
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where Executive Summary Report did not display Portuguese letters correctly
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where Executive Summary Report did not display some German letters correctly

Windows RC Agent 10.7.1 RC
UPDATE: Backup Manager agent for Backup & Recovery upgraded to v17.9
BUGFIX: Ensure Kaspersky Anti-Virus is detected correctly in the Antivirus Update Check

Windows Agent 10.6.1 GA **
BUGFIX: Ensure Kaspersky Anti-Virus is detected correctly in the Antivirus Update Check

Windows Agent 10.6.1 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.5.15:

Windows Agent 10.6.0
UPDATE: Upgrade of Backup & Recovery agent to 16.11 (infrastructure, no customer facing changes)

UPDATE: Performance update to the Antivirus check for faster processing and results
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the Antivirus Update Check to support AVG versions 16 and 17
BUGFIX: Updated detection for Panda Cloud Office Protection 6 in the Antivirus Update Check to include Panda Endpoint Protection Version 7.70.0 and Panda Agent Version 7.80.0
BUGFIX: Ensure System Tray feature adheres to 50 character limit


** Important: Antivirus Update Check URL with Agent 10.6.1
Windows Monitoring Agent 10.6.0 and up introduces a change to the definition comparison process for the Antivirus Update Check.

From this release, the Agent queries a CloudFront address over a secure connection to retrieve the information required to determine whether the installed Antivirus product’s definitions are within the threshold or out-of-date.

To ensure the Agent can retrieve this information from CloudFront, we suggest that you whitelist the address below in your firewall or web-filtering software.

Please note that Amazon’s CloudFront Global Edge Network was utilized for this service, as it provides a consistent, high availability platform accessible from multiple geographically located download addresses. This CloudFront address is strictly used to query and retrieve the Antivirus Update information, it is not used in any other capacity

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