SolarWinds RMM: MSP Anywhere Take Control enhancements for Windows, macOS, and a new Linux Viewer

Following yesterday’s update announcing a set of improvements for MSP Anywhere Take Control , we are very pleased to advise that this is now in the process of being rolled out to the Hong Kong and Australia territories, with the other regions to follow in the days ahead.

This week’s release also includes a minor ‘look & feel’ update to the top navigation bar with improved styling.

Summary for Service Release
– MPS Anywhere Take Control update, customer bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.48.1
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.48.1
FEATURE: A new Linux viewer for MSP Anywhere Take Control, so you can run Take Control from a Linux onto a Windows or Mac device
UPDATE: UI refresh of the Dashboard’s top navigation bar (UI look & feel, no functional changes)
BUGFIX: Ensure the Patch Management Vulnerability Scan runs if missed when the DSC Cycle is selected
BUGFIX: Correct occasional timestamp issue in the Take Control Report
BUGFIX: Ensure Event Log Checks with ‘++’ can be applied to devices using Monitoring Templates

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