Coming Soon to SolarWinds RMM: MSP Anywhere Take Control enhancements for Windows, macOS, and a new Linux Viewer!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll soon be releasing the latest set of enhancements for MSP Anywhere Take Control.

In the upcoming update, we’ll be releasing improvements for Windows®, macOS™, and for the very first time, a Linux®Viewer. The brand new Linux Viewer allows you to remote onto your clients’ Mac® & Windows machines directly from your Linux desktop.

Here are all the details…

Windows Viewer version 6.80.19:

  • A reduced reconnection time in the event a session becomes disconnected due to network conditions. One of the most requested bits of customer feedback
  • The introduction of a “do not show again” dialogue for file Transfer confirmation pop-ups
  • Improved session quality identifiers – allowing us to better track and session quality factors
  • Optimise local P2P discovery for improved connectivity
  • Implement additional Viewer connectivity option to allow connection via TCP3377 as a backup connection port

macOS Viewer version 1.01.05 and Agent v5.98.82

Several features that were recently introduced for Windows are now available for Apple Macs:

  • Multimonitor support
  • Support for VoIP directly from the Viewer
  • Clipboard synchronisation across sessions
  • Chat window defaults to the minimised dialog
  • Implement additional Viewer connectivity option to allow connection via TCP3377 as a backup connection port


Linux Viewer

We’re excited to introduce our first ever Linux Viewer for Take Control, so technicians who prefer to use a Linux desktop can now use Take Control to connect to customer devices.

This is based on the Windows Viewer v6.80.17 and is designed to be as ubiquitous as possible: Out of the box, the Viewer will support both x86 and x64 system architectures, will run on both the Gnome and KDE Desktop environments, and will support Debian, Ubuntu, Kubunto, Centos, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.

Once installed, the viewer will behave identically to the existing Windows Viewer and supports the same great feature set.


We’ll be adding the Viewer to the Dashboard in the coming days and will post all the instructions required in our help documentation.

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