Phishing Campaigns Timely for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

We are aware of several phishing campaigns purporting to be SolarWinds with a malicious .doc attachment. The malicious document is being referenced in several phishing campaigns not related to SolarWinds. Our marketing infrastructure was not compromised; we only use PDF attachments.

The malicious .doc attachment has a sha256sum of 3ab1f686ce7355bd4405e66aacb148cea198ceb26cd1c0b15b9ddd7c3d68a682.

Our legitimate ebook PDF checksums

md5sum is f6d8f8e1e0a03006c43b05ff5a45fe8b and sha256sum is caebc7fbf09d7a9bc4cd1efd94c935329281b3d6271e81fb20ce3e8b771ac73c.

As always our community was on top of this

You are the #LayeredLeague!

Secure, combat, and protect!



About Eric Harless

Eric is Head Backup Nerd at SolarWinds
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