MSP RMM Release: Dashboard Security Updates, Patch Management Improvements, Agent v10.5.12 GA

We’re pleased to let you know that in this week’s release, we have a set of updates to Two-Factor Authentication and IP Address Verification, to help you roll the enhanced Dashboard security out to your organisation.  This week’s release also includes the improvements to Patch Management highlighted earlier, and we’re promoting Agent v10.5.12 to be the new GA Agent.

The release is currently live in Asia Pacific and Europe. We’ll be updating the US and Americas region soon and post the update on the status blog to let you know when it’s available there too.

Here are the details of what’s in this week’s release…

Dashboard Security Updates

  • For users who have 2FA enabled, it’s now possible to turn off IP Address Verification for those users. To do so, go to Settings > User Accounts, where you’ll see a new “IP Address Restriction” column (1). Right-click a user who has 2FA enabled, and select the option to turn off IP Address Verification (2). You’ll see that the user no longer has the green tick in the IP Address column, meaning they won’t be prompted to verify their email address when logging in from a new network (3).

ip optional with 2fa

  • We’ve also tweaked the IP Address verification workflow a little, so you’re less likely to accidentally receive multiple emails, and we extended the timeout of the verification link from 20 minutes to 2 hours.
  • There are improvements to the User Audit Report to better reflect 2FA and IP Address verification activity.

Patch Management Updates

The improvements to Patch Management will automatically take effect on devices that are running Agents v9.13.8 and up.

  • We’re improving the accuracy of the Patch Management scan results in Windows 10 environments.
  • We’re putting in better handling so that the Patch Management service can shut down cleanly during the application of service and definition updates.

On Patch Management, we’d like to remind you about the updated Management Workflow that we introduced in April 2016.

You can locate this dialog via this path in your Dashboard: “Settings -> Patch Management -> Management Workflow”.

This dialog makes it easier to locate and deploy patches, and offers a full array of patch attributes. Furthermore, this Patch Management workflow gives users the ability to search all their patches with the KB article reference or name. If, for example, you need to urgently understand if a critical patch is missing, the filters make it very easy find the patch and deploy it, using the patch installation options available in the new Management Workflow dialog.

Agent v10.5.12 GA

The latest Agent comes with a set of much-requested updates to the Backup Check and the Antivirus Check:

  • Improvements to the Antivirus Check with added support for Symantec Endpoint Protection v14, Kaspersky Security 10, Bitdefender 6.2. 
  • Improvements to the Backup Check with added support for StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX 6.5, Cloudberry Managed Backup, Veeam Backup 8, Windows 7 Backups.

See the release notes below for everything that’s included in the latest GA Agent.

Summary for Service Release

– Updates to Dashboard security, Patch Management improvements, new GA Agent
– Dashboard v6.41.2
– Agent v10.5.12 GA, no new RC Agent

Dashboard v6.41.2
FEATURE: Option to disable IP address verification for users who have 2FA enabled
UPDATE: Improvements to user experience in 2FA and IP Address email verification flow
UPDATE: Improved user-level 2FA auditing in User Audit Report
UPDATE: Timeout on the email verification links increased from 20 minutes to 2 hours
UPDATE: Improved logging in/out process for Dashboard and Single Sign On sessions to avoid login errors

Patch Management Service
BUGFIX: Address Windows 10 File Integrity check
BUGFIX: Fix unclean shutdown of Patch Services

Agent 10.5.12 GA
Agent 10.5.12 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.5.10:

KNOWN ISSUE: The Dashboard still shows v10.5.12 as RC alongside the GA Agent. We’ll remove the duplicate reference soon. To confirm, v10.5.12 is the new GA Agent.

Agent v10.5.12 RC
BUGFIX: Add support for Bitdefender 6.2 to Bitdefender Endpoint Security in the Antivirus Update Check (applies to standalone version of Bitdefender, separate from Managed Antivirus)

BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Cloudberry Managed Backup in the Backup Check to ensure it can report on the backup status correctly
BUGFIX: Add support for StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX 6.5 to the Backup Check
BUGFIX: Ensure the Microsoft Windows 7 Backup option in the Backup Checks can detect the backup status correctly on Windows 7 devices 

Agent v10.5.11 RC
UPDATE: Add support for Symantec Endpoint Protection v14 to the Antivirus Update Check

UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky Security 10 to the Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX: Update the Event Log Check to better handle special characters in the lookup string
BUGFIX: Update the SNMP Check so that when run in batches it handles ‘variable does not exist’ errors correctly
BUGFIX: Update to ‘fmplugin’ executable to avoid it crashing in certain circumstance
BUGFIX: Update Veeam Backup 8 in Backup Check to correctly report local device failure states
BUGFIX: Update Monitoring Templates to avoid Script Checks running before they’re downloaded and installed

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